Tuesday, July 12, 2005


You may remember (if you have no life of your own, at least) that back in early May my very wonderful bosses got me cable modem at work, and that I had to upgrade my computer to Win98 to make the modem work. Because this old beater computer has no USB ports and no CD write drive on it, I needed a different way to backup all my files before reformatting the hard drive. I chose to upload all my files to gmail. This morning that I discovered that I hadn't gotten very far into downloading them back to the computer. Hey, I was busy writing a book. The old novels and the brand spankin' new ideas just didn't seem to matter much.

Hence, when I went to print out False Perceptions today, it wasn't there. So I spent the morning downloading the rest of the files, and then collated all the FP chapters into one grand file, saved it, sent myself a copy to gmail AND to home, and proceeded to print it out. At 93K, the novel took 519 pages to print out in double space, and my ink cartridge gave out at about page 350. Why does paper come in 500 sheet reams? Enquiring minds want to know. Maybe I should just learn to write 500 page novels.

But, AHA!! I'd emailed a copy home, so I've just finished printing out the rest of it at home and can take it to work with me tomorrow. Take THAT, you weasely printer. I'll buy new ink when I jolly well WANT to, and you can't make me do it today!


Jean said...

Hey! I resent the implication that since I remember something you wrote in March that must mean I have no life of my own. Oh, wait! (Looks wildly around) Did that get packed in the move? Did I even have it with me in Virginia? No. I must have a life somewhere; I just misplaced it. That's it. It'll turn up soon.

Valerie Comer said...

Um, well, um, I didn't mean it quite THAT way, Jean. I'm honored that you remembered, and well, here's to you finding your own life again! :D But you're still welcome to keep an eye on mine, in case it goes missing, too.

Jean said...

OK. I'll add it to the To Do list: Keep an eye on Valerie's life to ease the search in case it slips away from her one day when she's not looking.

Got it. :)