Sunday, July 10, 2005


The past couple of summers have been much drier than this one, which has its ups and its downs. On the plus side, when its dry we don't get a lot of mosquitoes. I must have killed over fifty last night before I could get to sleep. I'm going to have to check the screens this morning; apparently something somewhere is not tight enough to keep them out.

It rained Friday night, and most of Saturday, which means that we still have nearly a thousand bales in the field (of over 3000). It's raining right now. I wish it would drown the mosquito larvae!! Jim'll be back in a few days, so hopefully it will clear up and dry out enough to get them off then.

Know what's annoying? I vaguely remember dreaming about my novel last night, and am convinced I dreamed the ending of the story. Do you think I can remember any of it? Of course not.

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Jean said...

I hate it when I dream or think of parts of my book then can't remember them. It's so annoying.

I hope you can get your hay taken care of--rain really makes that tough to do.