Thursday, July 07, 2005

An odd week

Things have been strange this week. Jim left at Monday noon for his two night shifts (he'd booked the preceding day shifts off for the wedding and parties.) Our friends were still stranded here, vehicle-less, so I spent the evening with them at the bed and breakfast. Tuesday we did lunch, and then she took the bus home (fifteen hours...), leaving him to wait for the transmission to be fixed. He got the call the next day, yesterday, and left for home this afternoon. By then Jim was back home for his four days off, so they had a chance to visit a bit more.

Yesterday afternoon it POURED cats and dogs. It only rained for twenty minutes, but it held back the haying for 24 hours. And now, as my father-in-law drives around the field in circle baling, my husband is out in the yard trying to fix the bale wagon. We're due for a few dry days, but he has to leave Saturday night again for four days of work, so it really needs to be off the field before he leaves. This is a case where, literally, God only knows what's going to happen. We BADly need the hay off.

And what have I been doing? Besides playing hostess and running errands for diesel for the tractor and more baling twine for the baler, I've been going to work tired. But so far this week I have written nearly 4K, and the ending of first draft of *Marks of Repentance* looms ever closer. Today, though, I figured out that I'd dropped a major sub-thread in the last rererereoutline, and I need to figure out how to weave it back in before I can go much farther.

When too tired or stressed to work on *Marks* this week, I've started reading Mar's novel that I am critting over the summer. So far I am about half done the initial read-through. My other summer project will be revising *False Perceptions*, otherwise known as Cae's story, (or the 2yn--2 year novel). I'd really like to get on with that phase. Sigh. Tomorrow it's back to trying to re-thread *Marks*. Why do I try to juggle so many characters? How can I bring this book to a resounding climax? I wish I knew.

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