Friday, August 19, 2005

All together now...

It's time, once again, to laugh at Val's goals, and especially to snicker at how far away she is from reaching them. "Revision of False Perceptions should be done by the end of August", I think I said. I believe I also made noises about completing yet another revision (of either Quest or Shann's story) before Nano. Laughing yet? I'm 9K into FP's revision, and haven't gotten a blinkin' thing done on it since early this week. Though I certainly will get back to it soon, it ain't gonna be done in two weeks, guaranteed. Nor should it be. If I pushed that hard, I'd be glossing over stuff. It deserves better. At least I hope it does.

What has really thrown a monkey wrench in my life this week is this article I pitched to Zette for Vision. I pitched it just a few days before deadline, and told her I was going to be away. She thought the article sounded good and said I could have until the 22nd. We are rapidly approaching that day, folks. And it's not done. Not, however, for lack of working on it. The project is taking on a mind of its own. Today I suddenly realized that I am actually sort of on email terms with a few people who could possibly help me with information, and as of ten minutes ago, they have all answered the emails I sent them. I am really excited about some of the info now in my hands, but need to re-shape for the article. Guess what I'm doing over the weekend?

And now excuse me while I go look out the windows on the other end of the house to see if I can tell why two ambulances have gone north in the last few minutes. I didn't think this town HAD two, and we're on a country road so it's not like it just went around the block. Hmm.


Maripat said...

Goals? What are goals????

Hugs. Good luck with the article!

Jean said...

I'm not laughing or even snickering. You've got a good start on the revision. Good for you for getting it started.

As for the article, you'll do just fine.