Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nearby Accident last night

So after I logged off I went and looked out the north window of the house, having seen the ambulance lights and heard the sirens approaching from the south. (Our property is about a quarter mile from the north/south road.) I didn't see anything at all out of the ordinary, no flashing lights, no fire, no nothing. So I went downstairs to brush my teeth, and the bathroom has one of the two east facing windows in the house. Ah, flashing lights! Nearly across from our house. I could see the lights from a couple of police cars and an ambulance (not sure about two) and the yellow of a tow truck. And THEN I remembered hearing a squeal of brakes earlier. (Yeah, I know I'm swift at adding stuff up...)

This morning I biked by there and a vehicle had obviously been in the ditch and dragged back out. A cop was there measuring distances between things that appeared to have flown out of the vehicle. I asked the cop if everyone was all right, and he glanced at me and said "yeah" so I didn't bother asking what had happened. It wasn't his day for PR!

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