Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm bad at this

I don't seem to be a consistent blogger at the best of times, but when I'm not first draft writing, I'm even worse than usual. Maybe it's because I don't have any great progress to report? Could be.

December isn't turning out exactly like I'd planned. (Does any month? Never mind, I don't want to know the answer.) Still, I have gotten the big critique out the door, and I've promised to do another, smaller one yet this month. This week, actually. It's a short book, only 45 K, and I read through it last week so it's been rotating on a back burner for a few days. I think I know most of what I want to say, except for the line edit stuff.

My old HP810 printer has died; may it rest in peace. It was six and a half years old, and has churned out a lot of pages, mostly calendars and manuscripts over those years. A year and a half ago our new computer (at home) refused to play nice with it, requiring us to purchase a new printer for at home, and the 810 came to work with me to be an old age companion for my P-1 computer (also on its last legs). I've gotten rather used to not having to email everything home to print out in the meanwhile, but I guess I'm back to playing that game for now. I know a new printer doesn't cost much (not a fraction of what the 810 cost in its day) but I don't feel like springing for a new one until I've decided what I'm replacing the computer itself with. It makes big grinding noises at times, and sometimes refuses to shut down properly. I'm very good about uploading files on a daily basis, because one of these days it simply won't run.

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Random Walk Writer said...

To have all months turn out exactly how you plan, revise your plans. I plan, for example, for December to have 31 days, and to fall at the end of the year. :-D

As for getting done all I plan -- ROFL!