Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Itch of Sevens

Thanks, Tina. I think.

Lest you all get the idea that I am into memes...I'm NOT. I reserve the right at any time to look at one I get pegged for, and say *No way, I am SO not going there.* Still this one looked thought provoking, so I'm playing along...and passing along! ;)

Seven things to do before I die
1. Get organized
2. Stop shopping primarily at Value Village
3. Catch up on scrapbooking
4. Get out of debt
5. Travel
6. Build a house
7. Have a book (or ten) of mine published.

Seven things I cannot do
1. Read (or see) without my glasses
2. Keep up with vacuuming cat hair
3. Love driving in winter
4. Get used to hubby working out of town
5. Sing on key dependably
6. Catch up on reading
7. Imagine God's love for me

Seven things that attract me to my significant other
1. His gentle spirit
2. His beautiful singing voice
3. His musical ability & guitar playing
4. His strength
5. His love for God
6. His sense of humor
7. His encouragement and belief in me

Seven things I say most often
1. Well, that's how it is In My Little World
2. Enquiring minds want to know
3. I am SO not going there
4. Sounds like a plan, Stan
5. I love you
6. Please turn the tv down
7. Drive safe

Seven books or series that I love
1. Kathy Tyers' Firebird trilogy
2. Karen Hancock's The Light of Eidon(and following)
3. Laura Resnick's In Legend Born (and following)
4. Ann Marston's Kingmaker's Sword (and double trilogy)
5. Tad Williams' The Dragonbone Chair (and following)
6. Orson Scott Card's Ender's Shadow (not so much the rest of them)
7. Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels

Seven movies I would watch over and over again
(for the record, there aren't ANY movies like that, but these come close-ish)
1. The Incredibles
2. Bride & Prejudice
3. Chicken Run
4. The Sound of Music
5. Fiddler on the Roof
6. Princess Bride
7. Shrek

Seven people I'd like to join in the fun
1. Mar
2. Maripat
3. EJ
4. Lisa
5. Jean
6. Debbie
7. Erin


Margaret said...

Sorry Val. Neat concept but with the 5 books on my desk guilt tripping me, they get first dibs on my blog :).


Jean said...

It might take me a couple days, but I think I can do this one.

Random Walk Writer said...

With, of course, the terrible problem that what with tagging 7 people, closed loops are going to form awfully quickly.

Bet, hey, looks like fun!