Saturday, March 18, 2006

Even more messed up!

In trying to fix this blog thing I have screwed it up fifty-nine ways from Wednesday. At the moment, I believe it is equally unhappy in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Call me an equal opportunity kind of person. :P Apparently I didn't save that last version, thinking I already had it, but I was wrong. And it looked much uglier in between as anyone who might have tried to access Saturday evening may attest. Anyway, I'll give it another whirl in a day or two. Thanks for your patience. You ARE being patient, aren't you?

EJ, first I have to try a couple more times to screw it up on my own before I get into paying somebody to fix it! :P


Maripat said...

Gee, Val, now I don't feel so bad. This is almost what happened to me. Hugs. You'll get there.

Jean said...

Yes. Being patient. Good luck figuring it out.