Thursday, March 09, 2006

Free Online Writing Classes

Did you know that Barnes and Noble University offers free courses for writers and others? They run for about six weeks at a go as near as I can figure. I've just signed up for their Grammar Fitness course that starts in April. I figure that should make all my critiquers happy. The downside to the courses is that to get the most out of them, you should purchase their textbooks which doubtless is how they make their money. My first stop, however, will be my interlibrary loan. I'd prefer to see if these are the grammar books I would like to own forever and ever amen before I plunk down my coin.

Today's chapter didn't quite get completed and I blame that on the emotional gamut the major scene runs through. Shudder. I had far too many eyes doing their thing, too many hugs, too many sighs. I needed to get a little deeper in the character's skins and get beyond that surface stuff. And you know what? It's work. Work I intend to finish tomorrow.

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