Friday, March 10, 2006

The Royal Pelter

Because the novel I am currently doing prep work for, Puppet Prince, takes place in an Emperor's household, I've been spending some time googling the various titles of the people that might show up in the story. You know, how do you address a prince: that sort of thing. Also, the various layers of servanthood. I just found the coolest tidbit from this website regarding the position of The Royal Pelter:

It is the duty of the Royal Pelter to hurl rotten fruit at anyone in the stockade, who has offended the Royal Household. As an emissary of the Court, the Royal Pelter must comport themself in a dignified manner while pelting. It is also their duty to Royal Pelter to distinguish when pelting is appropriate and when it is not.

Please excuse me while I go laugh myself silly. When I've recuperated from that, I'll have to see if I can incorporate a Royal Pelter.


Karenee said...

ooooh! That's a TREASURE! Wow. *giggle*


*falls off chair*

Karenee said...


*can't quite get back on chair*


Ya know, I think that's worth remembering.... I might need one of those one day.

Maripat said...

You come up with some of the neartest things.

fiorinda said...

That's great, I hope you can incorporate one into your story.