Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bird sighting at the park!

There is a little park right in the middle of our town that was built in just the last few years. There's a fancy fountain, a grassy amphitheater, and a small Japanese style garden. Hubby and I went for a walk there the other day and I had to go back with my camera because of the killdeer. I've never been this close to a distressed bird before! I've heard of the broken wing act to lure possible predators away from a nest, but this little gal acted and re-enacted it right at my feet! I've checked back and the eggs haven't hatched yet.

This mama killdeer practically attacked my feet! Posted by Picasa

She's cheeping away in distress. Posted by Picasa

Doing the broken wing dance. Posted by Picasa

All to protect her nest which is just inches from the path. Posted by Picasa

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