Thursday, April 27, 2006

Web of Lies

Writing these occasional book reviews has been a challenging adventure for me. Not so much the writing, but the reading...

I received Web of Lies about a week ago. Most of the books I've talked about have been firsts by their authors. Not so this one. If I've counted correctly, this is the ninth title by author Brandilyn Collins,and the fourth book in her Hidden Faces series about a forensic artist, Annie Kingston.

Between Annie (who witnessed a fatal shooting) and a woman named Chelsea Adams (who is known nationally for her visions of murders which are sent to her by God), clues must be unraveled to stop a bizarre killer who uses poisonous spiders as a weapon. The real question is: are Chelsea's visions of the past, the present...or the future?

I read this book a lot faster than I'd intended to for some odd reason. :P And I sincerely hope no spiders are wandering around my bedroom tonight. If you like suspenseful books, you might want to give Brandilyn Collins a try. I'm pretty sure they don't all have spiders in them.

Could somebody send me a fantasy to review soon, please? Something other than brain-chilling suspense? Thank you.

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Katie Hart said...

Started Web of Lies early today (well, yesterday - it's almost two!). Good so far.

Brandilyn's published 9 Christian fiction titles (2 Chelsea Adams, 4 Hidden Faces, 3 women's fiction titles), but she's also written a nonfiction book on characters. Brain is mush at this point - can't remember if there's any others.

Fantasy? Can't we add brain-chilling (hey, maybe that's what happened my brain) suspense to that? Evil villains out to get our epic hero.