Thursday, September 21, 2006

Something That Lasts

Yesterday was a little bit like Christmas. A couple of boxes of books (6 books in all) found their way across the international border and into my hands. I couldn't even remember what was supposed to be in them by this time! My system of getting books across the line, while entirely legal, does depend on my American friends showing up on this side of the border, and they've been away for a few weeks.

Anyway, six shiny brand new release books for me to review. And not a one of them is suspense!! (Can you say, 'yay'?) There's a mystery (looks to be part of an ongoing gum-shoe series) and a sassy chick mystery. I'm eyeing that concept askance at the moment. Three chick-lits that look kinda interesting, and glances at the first pages of each prove very different voices.

And one different. The different one is called Something That Lasts. Seemed to me like I'd come across mention of it yesterday on some blogs, lol, and then realized that was because I was supposed to be posting, too... Anyway, I read the first few chapters of it last night.

James David Jordan writes with a unique voice in this 1970s-era story about a preacher caught in adultery who loses his own family on account of it. The basic, factual style of the account makes for quick reading, though it isn't shallow. Even though the part of the story where I am now is ten years from the novel's opening, there is reason to believe that this family will yet be reunited and made into Something That Lasts.


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