Thursday, September 21, 2006

Quest Update

Quest to be Queen now has an entirely new opening scene of 1316 words. And lest any of us get too excited, it's taken me nearly a week to pull that many words together. Today I got sidetracked researching titles of royalty while I finetuned Cecil's full name: His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Cecil, Protector of Dhaneira, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Dragon, Great Steward of the Order of the Spine, Protector of the Spices.

If I think of something to add as I work my way through the novel, I will. And if some of the title seems a tad tongue-in-cheek, rest assured that the whole novel is a spoof. So far Teagren, who is sadly unRoyal, has discovered who her competition is for the hand of the High Prince, and she is trying to hold onto her initial cockiness. She'll get the full spring back in her step in the next scene, but the seeds have been sown.

The original opening scene will be revamped as the third scene, and then things ought to go faster. Snort. Like it would be hard for it to go much slower.


Tina said...

Every time you post something about this story I soooooo want to read it.

Random Walk Writer said...

Of course it's possible to go slower. You don't see me editing the NaNo I started at the same time, do you?