Monday, December 04, 2006

The Business of Buying and Selling Books

I mentioned a few days ago here that Holly Lisle's great fantasy novel, Talyn is now available in paperback. I bullied my library into buying a hardcover when they came out, so I've read it.

In my small way, I want to support Holly's career and what she has done for thousands of aspiring writers. More than that, though, I LOVED Talyn.

So I ordered my own copy through my local independent bookstore on Saturday and recommended ordering additional copies. I don't have much hope, though. You have to imagine a store no bigger than most people's living room...and it includes a tiny coffee bar. The sff shelves total no more than 20 linear feet, if that. Jordan and Goodkind pretty much own the shelf space, and it doesn't show noticeable movement from visit to visit.

If you are curious about how bookstores order books--indeed, how the whole publishing gamut works--check out this post by Holly Lisle, and the intelligent questions and answers in the comments section. Then follow the link over to this post at Bookseller Chick. Very interesting, and very educational.

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Shirley Buxton said...

Hi, have come across your blog for the first time today and have enjoyed reading here. Sorry I missed out on the free book drawing. :(

I have self-published three books and suppose I have had a fair amount of success with them. I am not fond of the marketing side...would much rather be writing.


Shirley Buxton