Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Book Tour - Germ

Once upon a time many moons ago there was a fraidy-cat reader. She talked about her fears here in reference to reading the first novel of Robert Liparulo. You may recall that Bob chided me (albeit gently!) for being afraid of his novel, and I did brace up and read it when it finally arrived on my doorstep. Okay, a few months after it showed up.

And I lived through it. See?

Now, Bob, here's something you did right. You came to visit my blog in person, not once but twice. And by doing so, you GUILTED me into signing up to review your second book, Germ. No, I know it wasn't on purpose, but it did have that effect on me. (And no, we're NOT going to talk about my relationship with my mother here!)

Long story short, Germ has been in my TBR pile for over a month now. I even knew when the tour dates were. I just, um, never picked it up. I heard a rumor though about someone who really loves Liparulo's writing, and being as she heard about him first right here In My Little World, she's agreed to guest blog on Friday, so stay tuned!


Hanna said...

Seriously Mom, there must be something going on in you life other than books you haven't read. I demand an actual update!

Valerie Comer said...

Um, yeah. Sad, isn't it?