Friday, January 26, 2007

Book Tour - If the Shoe Fits

I have started getting more organized, honest. As of February, I know exactly which tours I've signed up for. January, not so much. I believe I signed up for this one, but I haven't received the book. THAT might have something to do with not having had a chance to check the mailbox the books come to for over a week. At any rate, my participation in the weekly tours is declining over the next few months as I am constantly scrambling to find enough reading time...and blogging time. For awhile I signed up for all the books except the ones that really looked UNinteresting to me. Now I'm signing up only for the ones that really grab my attention. I wish I could do it all, but reality is that I have other things that also need doing. I think I've talked my mother-in-law into signing up for the tours, though! She's read most of the books I've gotten so far. I'll post a link here if I set up a blog for her. (**Adds something else to the to-do list.)

Why do I think I signed up for this tour? Well, because it's by Marilynn Griffith, that's why! I read Tangerine a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I'm certain I will also enjoy If The Shoe Fits.

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I hope you enjoy this one too!