Thursday, January 04, 2007

Book Tour -- Tangerine Day 2

I'm intrigued by Marilynn Griffith's choice to tell the story of an older couple in Tangerine. In her letter to the reader at the end of the novel, Griffith says:
The writing of this book took me to many unexpected places in my heart as I listened and learned about the way incarceration affects families. I also had a chance to explore the depth and breadth of married love, even when stretched, strained, and abandoned. Taking this journey with an older couple was especially fun.

As someone who will be pushing fifty in the next few years (though, thank God, without a teenage granddaughter!) I felt that the main character, Jean, acted her age. Certainly she was confused, frustrated, and challenged, but last time I checked, age had no bearing on that. Some of the books I've read about thirty-somethings seemed to be written about old teenagers but Griffith did not fall into that trap. Recommended.


upwords said...

Glad you enjoyed TANGERINE! Thanks for the post.


Anonymous said...

What, I didn't tell you about my 13 year old daughter?

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