Thursday, May 03, 2007

Blogger Update

While I switched to New Blogger a few months ago, I couldn't quite see how to keep my photo headers current in the new format. So I'd only half switched over, I guess. Yesterday I spent awhile mucking around with the layouts and while I'm still not thrilled with all the options, I did figure out the photo thing so I completed the switch.

Yes, I know the daisy is blurry. I have to admit I like the artistic blurriness of it! Should be a bit easier to update things now, though. Maybe I'll have a layout for every month of the year! (I love redecorating...)


EJ said...

I like the daisy, too! It's like the picture was snapped on the fly.

chrisd said...

I like the daisy too--it's almost as if it was painted that way.

How's everyone by you?