Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back from camping

We spent four days camping along this lake in a group of nearly fifty of hubby's extended family. There was lots of fishing, swimming, canoeing and just goofing off in the water. The water temperature was about 73 degrees Fahreheit so pleasant on these hot days. The first night I was too hot to sleep so talked hubby into a quick swim at about 10:30. That helped a lot! The other nights it cooled off better; the last evening I was even glad I'd brought a sweatshirt along!

We'd taken our rubber raft along (as well as our canoe) and took it out for a spin just before sunset one evening. Apparently the light was just perfect on my face!

I had to laugh at hubby. He'd just gotten off night shifts and was a tad tired. And it's hard to find a comfortable position when you have to steer the electric motor. But he managed!

The weather was close to perfect. Plenty warm in the daytime, cool enough at night, and a beautiful sunset the last evening.

I didn't get much of the writing stuff done that I'd hoped to work on--the truck battery wouldn't charge the laptop and the car was commuting to work with hubby part of the time. I did make a bunch of notes for Connect the Dot and that was about it. Perhaps it was okay to be sociable!

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chrisd said...

Pretty pictures, Val! But again, with me and the potty.

Nice to read about, see pictures but personally not willing to do it!