Thursday, August 02, 2007

Round'n'round we go

I was pretty optimistic last week when I said I'd be hitting the border guard scene in Marks of Repentance on Monday. Here it is Thursday and I've finally met it. And not conquered it. Huidsor is such a smooth talker that I'm still not quite finding the line of where to make him stop with his innuendos. I think I'll take him camping this weekend and see if I can stuff a boot in his mouth. It may be that I'll need some quiet time to focus on him.

It's been busy and hot this week at work. (Did I mention hot?) Honestly it's not quite as bad as a couple of weeks ago but it so looooong since I felt cold at all that a few degrees doesn't seem to make much difference. So we're trying camping again, this time beside a lake (which should be swimable for cooling purposes, unlike the creek a couple weeks ago) and with a slew of extended family. Hubby has to work nights Friday and Saturday so he's getting me and the camper set up Friday afternoon and heading off to work. He's a bit bummed but those are the downs of his great job!

I'm stealing the laptop and hoping to make progress on at least one of my projects. Outlining the rest of Connect the Dot might be a good idea, at least the parts I now know. This seat-of-the-pants writing is for the birds. I never know what is going to come out of my characters' mouths in that half hour every morning. It's interesting to say the least.

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