Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I've gotten about another 2K done on Marks of Repentance today, around customers and watching the soap opera unfold over a major server, Jatol, apparently sinking without a trace. Okay, there have been a few bubbles from under the sea. Forward Motion Writers Community has been hosted by Jatol for several years, but don't bother clicking the link for a day or two because the site won't come up. Thankfully for us at FM, Jatol had several servers and we were NOT on the first to go. Those first guys had no warning. Just all of a sudden their sites no longer existed. Holly Lisle got her site moved off of Jatol ASAP yesterday, while she still had access to her control panel. FM is a little slower to move, being as it is huge, but it is currently in the process of relocating. And Mar has the entire site backed up on her kids' computer at home, just in case, and is helping guide the move to a new host. Sounds like she's quite fond of her new control panel already!

If anyone actually NEEDS information about Jatol and what is going on, there's a most fascinating thread here which is currently on its 16th page, so be warned.

Either way, FM will be up and running again within a day or two at most, though it may take a little while for your ISP to find the new location. Think of it as your snail mail still going to your old address after you've moved; it takes a bit of time for everyone to know your new address right off the top.

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