Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Return by Austin Boyd -- Day 3

So yesterday I hinted at prizes from the author of this week's featured novel, The Return. Boyd has offered a copy of the novel to each participating blog, and so far I have only one comment showing interest in this prize: Melissa in Oregon. If you'd like to give Melissa some competition, throw your name in the hat! (Karenee also commented, but I'm 99% sure she already has the novel--if I'm wrong, Karen, say so!)

I'm proof positive that you don't have to have read the first two books to enjoy the third one. That's not saying I'm not looking forward to getting the rest of the story read, as there are certainly elements that are missing. Just in those cases, I think Boyd did a fine job of summarizing. Or I can think, "Okay, this or that must have happened before..." and I can be content with that level of knowledge for now.

What else really interests me is what different authors do to promote their novels. I think it's become fairly obvious that we aspiring writers need to come to the table with some of our own ideas and enthusiasm. There is only so much that a publishing house can do. And I'm guessing there is a lot that they are willing to partner with authors for, if the author shows some initiative. (I'm thinking here of the Fantasy Fiction Tour that we talked up in July)

So, besides the one free copy of The Return that Boyd has offered a reader here, he's also supplying me (and other participating bloggers) with CD/ DVD sets. Here's what Boyd says about each set:
There’s a CD for each novel (1st three chapters of each) and a fourth bonus CD with my interviews and TV shows from 2006. The CDs are read by NY Times bestselling-narrator Paul Michael and are very professionally done. These come in a 4-disk amaray case with a movie-poster graphic front and back. I will also send 10 DVDs, which include a CNN-style interview telling about me, about my writing and speaking. It’s a great way to learn more about the life story behind the books.

I figure on sending a DVD out with each set of 4 CDs. If you'd like a copy, leave a note in comments. I'll give up to 8 of them away to readers of this blog if there's that much call.

I think this is a great opportunity to learn more about NASA and Austin Boyd and one way to promote a novel. Because I think we're just beginning to hear from this man. If you've read Deena's interview, you'll know that he is currently writing with Oliver has another series he is working with. Stay tuned, cause you can go a long way with this guy. To Mars and beyond!

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ForstRose said...

Not sure if this works as I haven't actually had the opportunity to try it but perhaps adding tags to your giveaway entry that say free book, book drawing, contest something along those lines might draw some traffic.

Melissa in Oregon