Monday, October 15, 2007

97K and change

As you can see, Blogger decided to be nice to me this evening and allow me to change up the rest of the layout. Here we are till the snow flies.

Revising went well again today. Sometimes it is amazing to find out that I planted seeds for certain thread tie-offs way back in the story and didn't even notice that they were there. The power of the sub-conscious at work, I guess. Today I was mulling over that last sub-plot that I didn't really know how to end when I realized that the answers were already there in the text. They just needed a bit of tweaking. Back and forth I went over the past eight chapters or so seeking the right spots to change just one sentence here and there. So I'm pleased with that and feeling really positive with how the ending is pulling together. I'm smack in the midst of the climatic scene right now.

Thank God--truly--for good critiquers who aren't afraid to tell me when things aren't working.

I read somewhere again recently that the denouement--the wrap-up scene--needs to directly answer the questions that were set-up in the first scene. So as I'm within reach of that last scene, I'm thinking back to the beginning (and the comments from the contest judges) and believe I've found the best opening scene to deliver a bit more punch. So being *finished* won't mean finished at all. I think I'll have to flip the novel back to the beginning and start again at that end. Hopefully the stuff in the middle will be solid enough to ignore now though!

I really want to start revising a different story soon. Like Quest to be Queen. I'm in the mood for a light-hearted romp through spoofiness about now. But first I have to have Marks kicked out of the nest. Really. Must stay focused. It's soooo close.


Random Walk Writer said...

Oooh . . . Quest!

Sounds like the revision's going well. Hooray!

And love the new fall look.

Jean said...

Look at you go! Good work.

Katie Hart - Writer and Avon Representative said...

Ooo - like the new look! Can I reread Marks after you kick it? ;) I'm really curious about all the changes you've made.

Maripat said...

wow...I like this layout. Very pretty, Val. And congrats on Marks.