Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Appreciate A Dragon Day

No guff.

Google it!

Rebecca Miller talked about how author Donita Paul created Appreciate A Dragon Day to promote literacy. And she wouldn't mind if folks got more literate reading her books, of course. Here are many ways you can support Appreciate A Dragon Day using crafts or photography or baking a dragon cake. Hunt for missing dragon eggs, perhaps?

Furries Online has some good ideas of how to celebrate as well. You can download a sketch for a child to color in. And it also contains a list of famous dragons from film and literature.

I loved Puff the Magic Dragon so much I had a cat called Puff the Magic Kitty. Who didn't love the old Walt Disney Movie Pete's Dragon and the affable Elliot who gave the boy so much confidence?

Anne McCaffrey wrote the Pern books, which were my first foray into speculative fiction. Telepathic dragons bioengineered to save the planet with their life-bonded human companions. What could be better?

Dragons have been portrayed by various authors as good or evil. Others, like Wayne Batson in his The Door Within trilogy portray the dragons as amoral transportation that can be used by either side. The creator of Appreciate A Dragon Day, Donita K Paul, has a series of books called the DragonKeeper series for young adults. I've read the first two (book five is due out shortly and I believe will be featured on this blog later this spring). It's been a couple of years since I read the first two, but I remember enjoying them. Search my blog for her name, it'll come up!

So far I've only got one dragon in any of the novels I've written. His name is George (no relation to my cat!) and he is vegetarian. Needless to say, he resides in my fantasy spoof Quest to be Queen. You can't have a fantasy--at least not a spoof--without at least one dragon!

Come on, chip in! You know you love dragons. (Don't you?) Tell us about one of your favorite dragons!


Jean said...

You need to read Holly Lisle's Minerva Wakes. I love her dragon! (What was his name...) He eats Wheaties!, drinks beer, and drives a Mazda Miata.

Valerie Comer said...

Oh COOL! That's one of the few of hers I *haven't* read!