Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Book Tour--Christian Writers' Market Guide 2008

I'm happy to have a copy of Christian Writers' Market Guide 2008. Last year when I got the previous one I was just starting to get my toes wet in the whole agent pond and so I didn't actually use the book to full advantage (though I sure thought I would in January, BEFORE I started the revision that took most of the year!)

Now, however, I'm actively making lists. More than one kind. Not only are there publisher lists for nonfic, novels, shorts, etc--the bulk of the book, obviously--but a good bit in the resources section. A bunch of pages with agent info, more with contests, conferences, writers' clubs and workshops. Pretty much anything you might want to know. Except I thought I saw in the introduction or somewhere that they had a list of industry blogs in there somewhere and now I can't find it. Anyone tell me the page? Or is my wishful thinking too grand?! I do see that the book's author (compiler?) Sally Stuart has started a blog that I'll have to add to my sidebar. She's been doing this market guide thing for more than twenty years so she must have a clue or two what she's doing!

She calls it The Essential Reference Tool for the Christian Writer and that looks valid. It even has a cd included. I only wish the book was printed in a larger font as I find it a bit difficult to read. Course it's pretty fat so bigger print would make it unwieldy. And not everybody has my cranky eyeballs!

At any rate, if you're looking at the CBA markets, this book will give you a good idea of the playing field.


Hanna said...

does it have anything to say about children's illustration? Because I've been curious if the christian market is any different.

Valerie Comer said...

You can borrow it.

Second thought...would I get it back? :P

Hanna said...

*is offended*