Monday, March 31, 2008

Mostly Unstuck

My brain, that is. We haven't had THAT much snow!

The last few months--all of 2008, till recently--I've had things to focus on that pulled my attention away from the revisions of Quest to Be Queen, most notably workshop facilitating and contest things--prepping to submit and then helping to judge a category. I'd made a little progress around all that, outlining the section that needed a total rewrite, but never having time to just dive in and DO IT.

But this past week Forward Motion hosted our annual March Madness event. Entries returned, I finally had the time to focus and write. I've written a little over eight thousand words this past week and am now back into revision mode for the final chapter of the novel. Hopefully by the end of the week I can boot it out to critiquers.

Methinks it is time to write again. I've been revising for way too long now. Two novels, 14 months (shuddering).

Time for the creative juices to flow again. I hope I can remember where I put them.

Oh yeah. That's for next week. I still have a few thousand words left to run the editing eyeballs over.

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