Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weather is something we love to hate

Who's with me on that? Last weekend (Easter), Friday was cold and windy and rainy. Saturday was sunny and fairly warm (8 degrees Celcius) which was a good thing as Hanna was taking outdoor photos at her cousin's wedding. We woke up Easter Sunday to slushy snow, but it mostly melted as it hit the ground.

The whole week has been kind of chilly for late March, but I still wasn't prepared to wake up to about three inches of the white stuff this morning. It kept coming for a few more hours, mostly melted in the afternoon, then started snowing again later.

I've heard rumors of all manner of white stuff sightings across the continent in the last week. Now really, I know *somebody* reads this blog, so if you have white stuff to report, would you pop a note in comments? Just give us a general geographic area. As for me, it's south-eastern British Columbia reporting in.


Kait said...

There was snow in Alberta. It feel, but didn't seem to actually hit the ground, if you know what I mean!

fiorinda said...

We actually had some random snow flurries last Monday(the day after easter). Pretty weird for this area of the world. A couple of days later we were wearing shorts, then back to coats, and now it's just in between cold and warm.

Jen said...

muahhahaa. All sunny and warm in Buenos Aires!!