Friday, March 20, 2009

Genesis contest

Having experienced a measure of success in the ACFW Genesis contest the past two years, this year I decided to try out some of the other genres I've been writing in. This morning I got my third (and final!) entry into the '09 contest. I've had a lot of help over the past couple of months from my critique partners as I've polished three sets of 15 opening pages and their accompanying single-page synopses. Now they're out of my hair and can be ignored until the first round results are released in early May.

Next week I'm back to the romance rewrite, currently sitting at almost 45K out of 60. Back to critiquing, back to workshop writing, back to rebuilding my website, and back to *normal* writing life. Whatever that is.


Alexander Field said...

Wow, that's great that you're nearing the final stretch on your novel (though I'm sure that 15k words doesn't sound like a final stretch at this point!). I love the idea of giving readers multiple versions of the opening of the book...this is really the key to nabbing the reader isn't it?

Anyway, good luck with the final 15K, and in the contest as well! : )

Valerie Comer said...

Once I get back in the swing, it will feel like the final stretch, as the story is almost to the point of no return. So I'm happy! :)

Kerani said...

Congrats on your third entry! That is quite a lot of writing. (Sorry, nothing more substantial to say than that, but perhaps a little cheering goes a long way...)