Monday, March 23, 2009

Walk Along the Beach

When the calendar turns to spring, apparently it means it. Saturday it rained most of the day and well into the night, but then cleared off. Sunday after church we decided to head for a walk to one of our favorite places (we have a lot of those!) where the river channel meets the lake. Everything is very low water this time of year, held back by dams in preparation for glacial melt over the next few months.

One of the cool things in our area this time of year is that trumpeter swans rest here on their way back to their Arctic breeding grounds.

More photos are in an album at Facebook.


fiorinda said...

how lovely.

Meg said...

Swans are so pretty to watch.

I can't wait for this summer. I'll be driving up to NH and we're doing this awesome hike that has the reward of amazing views at the top.


Alexander Field said...

Beautiful... : )