Friday, March 11, 2005

Winding up the Work Week

Between yesterday and today, *False Perceptions* has grown by just over 3K. It's feeling good, emotional and tense. I've remapped my way to the finish line, which is just three chapters away now (I think, unless I find a new map). The map was good; it outlined what needed to happen to get to my HEA ending. The same stuff is still happening; just we're cutting the technical bits and sticking closer to the characters than the plot. I think it's working. Obviously I can't totally dispense with the technical bits, but I think this approach is working better. It's about the characters, and they have some huge stuff to resolve -- the stuff that the plot keeps hucking at them. I'm way happier than I ever thought I would be writing this book. I wonder if there's places *back there* where I got balled up last time that needed this approach as well?

Still frantically busy at work. My boss is starting to mumble about locking the store doors for a week so that there will be no new stuff to deal with for awhile. Three new lookers today, and one gal who ordered her lino in October is ready (!) for installation next week. Good luck, lady. It just ain't ahappenin'.

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Jean said...

Glad to "see" you've overcome your difficulty in finding words.