Monday, May 02, 2005

You don't want to know...

and neither do I. Aargh. Trying to do the upgrade on my work computer crashed it, so now I have to take it into the computer shop anyway. Let's hope he's feeling gracious in the morning... I took our old laptop to work to write today. That was almost more annoying than not writing. It's a beater; the thing belongs in a dumpster. One of the hinges is broken, so it can't support the screen/lid. Propped that up with a pile of books. There's a dark fade spot in the middle of the screen. Annoying. And it has a little *visual echo* thingie going that nearly made my eyes go buggy. Most of the time that I typed today, I did so with my eyes closed. I just couldn't stand looking at the screen.

Yes, I got some words. Not as many as I needed, but under the circumstances, I found 900 words to be totally acceptable.

A very busy weekend, as all weekends tend to be down home on the farm. Flowerbed weeding and lawn mowing took my the lion's share of my time. I have inherited too many flowerbeds, and they are too large. I've been trying to cut them back the past couple years, but that's a big job, too. I like looking at pretty flowers as much as the next gal, but I'm not so into the work of keeping them pretty. We let the bull out with *his ladies* on Saturday to begin working on next year's crop of calves. We need to be ultra-cautious out there now when feeding, as he is rather...exuberant.


Margaret M. Fisk said...

Hey Val,

Just a thought. Remember that refresh rate thing I told you about? Well, your visual echo might possibly be at least partially caused by that. Just in case, do the following: (You may have to fiddle a bit by OS.

Right-click on the desktop, select properties, go to settings, look for refresh rate if not there go to advanced and look for refresh rate (usually on a monitor tab) Just make sure it's set to the best you can get. Highest number that is.

Jean said...

Hubby is having problems with his PC too--and he's trying to get his newsletter published. Nearly 100copies of an 8-page newsletter is no fun when the PC is perennially locking up and crashing (I believe his processor is going bad).

As for the bull, I'll bet he's one happy critter.