Friday, July 22, 2005

Outline is Done :)

I now have a complete outline of what exactly is IN False Perceptions's 84059 words. They encompass 32 chapters that are comprised of 96 scenes. As much as I would like to say that my novels average 1500 words per scene, Real Life would indicate otherwise. My next task, and one I may start on over the weekend, is to take that outline and start trying to morph it into a synopsis. I want to have a really good handle on what the book is about before I start revisions, in the hopes that it will help to make the decisions easier. You'd think I know what the book is about; after all, I wrote it. And not that long ago, either. Still, I think distilling it down to its essence will be very practical, even though I'm not quite ready to start sending out queries on it.

On the home front, Jim was asked to work two more night shifts so he won't be home until Sunday noonish. Yes we have hay down that needs to be baled. But it rained on and off all day today, so it's not like we could get it off just now anyway. Other than the obvious downer with the hay, it feels wonderful to have things a little cooler. The forecast says this should be the only rainy day, and then we are due for a week or more of hot again. So...*shrug.

Being as I have half the weekend home to myself, I've decided to re-arrange the master bedroom. It's not that there's really another good way to put the furniture, so I'm settling for an okay way. I just need a change. This will give me the chance to go through everything (except the closets) and organize things better. (Or so I would like to think!) So far I've sorted out Jim's magazines. He has varied interests AND likes magazines, so they get into taking-over-the-world mode. Or at least taking-over-the-bedroom-and-living room mode. I know there are some he will be willing to ditch, now that they are sorted into like with like piles, but I'll leave that final decision up to him. Honest :)

Anyway, it gives me the start of a plan for the weekend, and that is a Good Thing.


lindaruth said...

I'm the magazine junkie in our family. They do tend to take over :) But my husband is patient and long suffering and only drops occasional hints that I should clean up on my side of the bed.

Valerie Comer said...

Oh, I like magazines, too, though I buy less of them than he does. The biggest difference, though, is that he cannot throw things away. Ever.