Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I am so pleased to finally report some progress on the revision. Last week was just a nightmare where that was concerned. Last Tuesday (13th) was when I hit a chapter that needed serious reworking. Let me simply say that fight scenes are not my strong point, okay? It just didn't work, at all. I knew what the outcome had to be, as in who lived, died, or was injured, but the choreography of it simply failed me. It didn't help that all week I was lucky to get ten minutes in between customers. It's very hard to solve problems when you can never remember your last thought on the subject!

Yesterday was a bit quieter at the store than it had been. I managed to prune the dead wood out of the chapter, leaving almost nothing behind. Then a very faint skeleton began emerging. Today I'm about 1400 words to the good on the chapter, and I've about used up the outlining I'd gotten so far. My plan for the rest of the chapter (I'm hoping for another thousand words plus) is very sketchy again, but I won't worry about that today.

Oh, I also rewrote the last scene of the previous chapter which helps to move into the new and revised chapter, and tucked a few needed bits into earlier chapters to set certain things into the background of this scene. With any luck at all, I'll be able to finish this chapter tomorrow. I *SO* hope.

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