Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Catching up

I got Maripat's crit off to her yesterday. Today I got caught up on 2ynovel assignments.

Puppet Prince is starting to come to life. I have a map now :D and am beginning to picture the city and the palace grounds. One of these assignments was on marriage and family life, so I got to have a little fun with that. Please understand that (for the record) I am a firm believer in marriage: the one-man-and-one-woman-till-death-do-us-part kind.

But this novel is very VERY loosely based on Old Testament culture, and didn't some of them kings (like David and Solomon) have an awful lot of wives? Yup. So does my Emperor. In fact, in a flash of insight, I understood why Prince Jhonal might NOT have trouble making up his mind which of the two likely young ladies he will marry. Why not marry them both? Yeah, well, his life isn't going to work out that way, but it does give an interesting starting point. Doing some cultural style worldbuilding has been a lot of fun.

Next up: playing a bit more with the website and...TA-DA...starting the revisions on Marks of Repentance. If I'm looking forward to it half as much as I say I am, why haven't I cracked open the file yet? Might I be afraid that it won't live up to my memory of it? Nah. It must be that I need to clean other things off my desk so that I won't need to come up for air for a couple months. Yeah, right.

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