Tuesday, June 20, 2006

DragonKeepers Chronicles part 2

Yesterday I mentioned that I'd emailed Mrs. Paul and asked her some questions regarding some of her writing choices. First off I'd like to point out that she has invented not one, not two, but FOURTEEN different races of beings for her series, seven of which are *high* and seven *low*.

Q:What went into your decision to create your own races of beings for your series as opposed to the typical elves, goblins, dwarves, etc?

A:Respect for an entire body of literature and cultural traditions that I have only glimpsed. I know people who are avid researchers, or the mythical elements are a part of their doctoral studies in literature. Tolkien was one such person. I didn't want to mock the deep-rooted legacy of these artforms. Since I wanted fantasy elements without disturbing chroniclers of folklore, I chose to create beings of a different ilk.

Q:What is the process you went through in choosing how to portray the concept of magic in your novels?

A:I looked at how others had done it, George MacDonald, Tolkien, and Lewis, in particular. Then I set my own boundaries, what I felt comfortable with. Then as I write, I ask God to give me a check in my spirit if a story element is edging into an unacceptable area. I also have several Biblical scholars including two pastors who read my work before it is published and point out any problems.

Book three of the DragonKeepers Chronicles is officially out today. You may want to pick up all three of them, but definitely give DragonKnight a try!

Becky Miller has the whole blog tour hosted from her blog, including an interview with Donita Paul. Don't miss it!


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Excellent questions to include, Val.

Have a great time on vacation! Catch ya when you get back.


Rebecca said...

More words from Donita! Very fun to get answers to you (and my) questions.