Friday, June 30, 2006

Waking Lazarus

My TBR pile is in a state of flux these days, but IT seems to be winning the war, not me. Faster than I can take a book off of it, more take its place. Waking Lazarus is about three books down at the moment, edging closer to the top. Edging...but not there.

Waking Lazarus

This is T. L. Hines' debut novel, guessed is a psychological thriller! Here's what Tony himself has to say about his story:

Jude Allman became famous as the man who died and came back to life three times. Now he's a recluse, hiding from the world in the deep forests of Montana. But when children around him begin disappearing, his days of hiding are over. Only Jude has the key to stopping the abductions--hidden inside the mysteries of his own deaths. Now he must face the questions that have haunted him. What if his deaths aren't just accidents? What if there's a reason behind it all? What if he's been brought back just for this moment?

Randy Ingermanson says, "Recommended for the reader who thinks he can't be scared." Er...does that mean you're NOT recommending it for those of us who already know we're chicken?

However, Rebecca Miller says, "My guess is, readers whose genre of choice is the thriller will love this book on that level. After all, there’s a serial killer, a kidnapping, child abuse, death—lots of page-turner stuff for a thrill lover to enjoy. I’d have to say, I loved this book in spite of those things and wondered when I finished why it was classified as a thriller at all." She even says it is fantasy-like!

Who to believe? You mean I'm going to have to read it myself and decide? Gulp. (**Eyes TBR pile...) Okay.

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Thanks for the link, Valerie. Now I can hardly wait until you've read it because I want to know what you think! :-)