Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Every day...

Every day I don't post because I think, 'Tomorrow I can announce that Marks is done and on its way to critters.' And every day it's not true, so I say nothing at all. Still, I'm only 50 pages from the end of this read-through. I have a couple of *find*s to do after that, as I've found a couple references to hours and minutes which my fantasy world does NOT have, and I'm not 100% sure I've caught them all. And it needs a final spell-check as well. Word doesn't like to keep showing the spelling issues when you have 95K in one file!

Tomorrow. Really. It will be off my hands tomorrow. And then I spend a couple weeks working on my secret project. Announcement should be arriving here at this blog early next week.

Oh, yeah, and I have Maripat's YA novel, Ammit's Judgment, here and waiting for me to begin the crit. Never a dull moment.


Kait said...

If you ever need help with crits and editing (pre-publishing stage, obviously), I'd be happy to give you a hand. I've got an eagle eye for spelling and grammar errors (just ask Hanna!)


Valerie Comer said...

I'll keep that in mind, Kait! Thanks. As far as I know, I'm good for this round.

Maripat said...

Hey Val...Marks will get done. Don't stress so much. Really. And I hope Ammit's okay for you. It's an earlier story know how those early things go.