Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Christian Fantasy Blog Tour - The Firebird Trilogy

The August Christian SFF Blog Tour has been running this week while I've been on vacation. Don't they know they should consult with me before setting the dates? I mean, really.

However, I'm here to catch the final day and to point you to many worthy posts on the topic of Kathy Tyers' most noted set of books, The Firebird Trilogy.

I first came across mention of the first book, Firebird at an interview Kathy did a few years ago with Christian Fandom. I ordered it in by inter-library loan and loved the story. Books two and three followed, and then I started hunting for my own copies of the stories so that I could share them with others (and help support the author).

Rumors via Kathy Tyer's writing buddy, Karen Hancock indicate that a new novel set in the Firebird universe may be on its way. Beth Goddard has posted a current interview with Kathy on her blog. Reviews of the three novels can be found at Jason Joyner's blog. And who doesn't love a good giveaway? Stop by Rebecca Grabill's blog for information on how to enter.

Here is a further list of bloggers participating in the tour:

Leathel Grody
Elliot Hanowski
Katie Hart
Sherrie Hibbs
Sharon Hinck
Pamela James
Tina Kulesa
Shannon McNear
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Cheryl Russel
Mirtika Schultz
Stuart Stockton
Steve Trower
Speculative Faith
Rachel Marks
Jim Black


Rebecca said...

I'll be drawing from the hat as soon as the Toddler is up tomorrow. Since it's his sticky fingers who will pick a winner.

Thanks for the plug Val!!

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Nice post, Valerie. I really do like the personal stuff--your own experience finding her books. Very nice.