Monday, August 14, 2006

Of fantasy and chick-lit

This new story is way too much fun. Fluffy stories aren't exactly the kind of plotting I usually do. Fantasy seems to want to have some eeeeevil creeping through as well so it's entertaining balancing both sides. However, the outline marathon started today at Forward Motion and so I roughed out what was currently floating around in my head concerning this new novel. And came to 33 scenes. I'm estimating I'll need 45-50, so 33 at first go is decent.

At least now I see where further plot development needs to fit to link the logic together. Maripat seems to object to the sentence after the fifth scene as well: Training, relationship development, travel scenes go here.... Ah well. Why have a perfect outline straight out the starting gate?

Krin's story needs a working title. Badly. Maybe it needs an un-holey plot even more though.

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