Monday, September 04, 2006

Anniversary dinner...backfires!

Some things are so totally not worth it.

We decided to drive to a city two hours away for our anniversary dinner. It would give us time to talk, do a little shopping, and have a nice meal somewhere we don't exactly frequent. I'd made up my mind that, having lost 30 pounds in the past six months, I'd order what I felt like eating and enjoy the meal.

Didn't work. I ate too much fat, too many carbs, and--at 2 am--I am paying for it with discomfort and a sleepless night.

We were still in the restaurant when I knew my plan had backfired. I said to Jim, "I am not going to obsess over what I had for dinner; I made my choice in advance. Once in awhile isn't going to hurt anything. However, I'm uncomfortable and don't want to repeat the performance again any time soon."

We got home about 11 pm, having just caught the last few minutes the border was open. I drank three glasses of water as soon as I walked in the door. (Can anyone say 'too much salt' on top of the other woes?) Had another two glasses before I went to bed half an hour later, feeling sleepy and sluggish.

Jim had had coffee to keep alert for the drive so he stayed up to watch some tv. (He's a night owl anyway, and I'm not.) About 12:30 I woke up from a fitful sleep because I heard the fridge opening and closing, (he was HUNGRY???), followed by the tv going up a couple notches, presumably so he could hear it over the sound of his chewing.

I stretched my toe down to the door near the foot of the bed and nudged it mostly shut. The cat squawked. Okay, fine, I'm awake. For some strange reason I need to pee anyway, so I may as well get up for a minute. Oh, and more water please... Cat wants to play and attacks my ankle. Not impressed. Don't feel like playing.

Stumble to the bathroom, then the water cooler, then back to the bedroom. Cat attacks ankle in the hallway again. Grr backatcha, cat. I get back in bed. Brain turns on. How I hate when that happens.

Stare at ceiling. Can't get comfortable. My hips hurt. I think about that. Okay, they don't hurt, but they're not comfortable, either. Jim comes up to bed and promptly falls asleep. I roll over. I can't get comfortable on that side either. Not on back. Not on tummy. Would my brain just turn OFF so I can ignore my hips and go back to sleep? The alarm will go off at 6:30. I need sleep. Not gonna get it, though.

2:15. Finally I get up again. You've guessed the reason(s). Is it okay to take a painkiller when you're not in actual pain? I take one along with a couple of valerian to try to get back to sleep. Soon they will kick in. Or so I hope. I may as well pee again, being as I'm up.

Have I learned anything? Oh my goodness YES I think so. Minor deviations from diet, fine. Major ones? Asking for trouble, girl. It's not worth it. I'm not sure I can blame the hips on it, but I can try. This isn't a usual problem. None of them are. Can you tell my brain isn't shutting off yet? Yeah, me too... Sigh.

9:30 am. I got to sleep around 3 am and ignored the alarm as best I could while hubby got up for this day's round of haying. Rolled out of bed myself at 8:30, shock. I now have achey knees and a twitchy shoulder to go with the hips. I'm thinking I can't blame all of this on rich food! The morning run feels out of the question.

First off, a *normal* breakfast of a peach, a banana, and some Fiber 1 cereal topped off with vanilla yogurt. Let's see if I can get my system back on track. I have a lot of tomatoes to can today.

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