Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blog Tour - A Pagan's Nightmare Day 2

Let's talk a little about the guy who can write a novel such as A Pagan's Nightmare ...and get it published! This would be Ray Blackston. In his 'Note from the Author', Ray writes:

For years people have accused Christian novelists of using their characters as mere mouthpieces for doctrine, using them to tell the world what Christianity is. Last year a friend and I decided that it was high time someone write a novel about what Christianity is not. Larry and I did our best, and we welcome your comments via my Web site,

P.S. Larry and I confess that our idea for a Broadway musical of
A Pagan's Nightmare is still in the "Hmmm, should we do this?" phase. But I do know that Larry has already left phone messages for Sister Sledge, ABBA, and Paul McCartney.

Hmm, enquiring minds want to the Larry of which Ray speaks here the Larry Hutch of the story? Because...that's just scary.


Kait said...

That's one thing about Christian fiction that bothers me. It seems like so many authors are more concerned about getting their theology or opinion out there, that they sacrifice the story. I'll be interested in picking this book up, then.

Jean said...

Why would that be scary? Don't most of us talk with and about our characters all the time? I have been known to periodically speak about Inuit this way (as if she were real).

Only one of the Christian fiction books I've picked up here was even remotely annoying in the way of being beaten over the head with Christianity. These people prayed five times a page -- it gave new meaning to God's commanding us to pray without ceasing. I'm sure there are people who do pray that much, but it became so annoying, I found myself writing snarky comments in the margins of the book. I was very disappointed, because the title and the subject matter had me very enticed when I picked the book up, and I was dying for an engrossing read. It was one example (just like true-to-form dialog with all it's boring repetition) where fiction should be just a little less like real life.

I think I've read at least two other books recommended here that were wonderfully entertaining stories, and they gave Christian fiction for the masses a good name.

As for this one? It does sound different, and I may check it out.

Valerie Comer said...

It's scary because Larry Hutch in the story is scary. Not BOO scary, but weirdly entertaining scary. If he's based on a real person, I'm not sure I want to know!

Jean said...

Oh. I hadn't thought about him being based upon a real person. Looks over shoulder...