Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Working hard...

So, it's time to get--and ACT--organized!

My week for having my own 25 opening pages critted is the 29th, which is good. I've been mulling over the novel and the crits I've received for a couple months now and have seen a number of ways to make things tighter. Including the first scene. I wrote about 600 words on Friday and threw them away on Monday, replacing them with about 1100 new words. They still looked good to me today (grin) so I added to them.

Tossing the first few paragraphs into chat tells me that I've got a more conflict-ridden opener, while not being overwhelming. It still needs work (snort) but it's coming. So the goal is to have a minimum of 25 pages written this week, and I'm at 11. I'm thinking 3-4 more before I can slide into the old first chapter and start adapting it.

Meanwhile, I'm critting the first victim's offering. Er...victim isn't the right word. Um...volunteer? That DOES sound better, doesn't it? :P

And in my spare time, which I haven't had any of yet this week, I need to review Mar's novel that I critted in spring and she has revised since. And more. Which is why I need to get organized. So if I ignore you all, maybe I'm working? Maybe...

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