Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Welcome to Blog Land!

Many of you have *met* my daughter Hanna online at Hanna's Life is Cool.

A couple of months ago, my daughter-in-law began blogging at Inside a Student's Head. If you are curious what goes on at the University of Victoria--and what an environmentally and politically aware student thinks of it all--pop on over and say hi to Jen.

Recently my mother-in-law started a blog for the purpose of joining the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. Yesterday's blogging lesson included filling in a meme and learning to comment on other people's blogs (look out Hanna and Jen, I've turned Gramma loose!). Please visit Dea at Been Farmin' Long? and say hello.


chrisd said...

Hi Val-I'll go say hi to your mom. Thanks for dropping by--and BTW, what is a meme? ????

Valerie Comer said...

A meme is one of those little blog questionnaires that make the rounds from time to time. I guess because it's all about *me*.

Unknown said...

Learn something new everyday! I did not know that!