Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Half a Kitchen!

Of course the new kitchen isn't far along enough to post photos yet, but Jim and I spent most of the weekend completing the rip-out of the old kitchen (the sink cabinet and the gas range had remained to the end). We laid a sheet of thin plywood over the kitchen area and began installing the new base cabinets. The ones that can be are already leveled and bolted to the wall. This morning one of my boss guys came to install the new lino, which he and Jim both assure me looks wonderful...I've been at work and haven't seen it yet.

Jim leaves tonight for his job. The status is: base cabinets all in place. No countertops. No kitchen sink. No range. However, I'll join him for a weekend away on Thursday and when we get home Monday, we expect to get those 'minor' details taken care of before his next round of workdays (next week he leaves Wednesday evening). Then we'll have company for the weekend, so I'm sincerely hoping to have an operational kitchen!

So far we've left up the one main upper cabinet and don't plan to take it down until after the company has been and gone. Then in go the uppers and the electrical (which I assure you is fun with concrete block walls!) I'm hoping there's light at the end of the tunnel. At the moment, the entire house is a disaster and the cat is seriously annoyed with us. And I'm tired.

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Kait said...

Poor George! I am sure that he'll appreciate the new kitchen as much as you do! :)

Yay for stuff finally getting done. You'll have to let us know how much you love your new Lino! :)