Thursday, July 26, 2007

Revision progress

It occurs to me that it has been awhile since I reported on the on-going (yawn) revision of my novel Marks of Repentance.

The journey is still a slog, but now some days it goes faster! And other days not at all, it seems. And yet, the novel now sits at almost 58K so it is definitely progress.

Some of the things I've been running into? Taifa sometimes comes off as a two-faced manipulator. But now, if I can manipulate HER appropriately, she comes across as conflicted, which is much stronger. Other inconsistencies aren't hard to smooth once I find the right path. And I know the characters much better now than when I wrote the novel two years ago.

Still fighting passive voice, repetitive words, and -ing endings. And magical appearances that seem to have no grounding in physics, and yet...they aren't actually magic, either. Great fun.

By Monday I should be into border guard territory, and there will be major cutting and slashing of words. He got really cagey and talkative in the initial draft and I couldn't seem to get him back on track. But now I have a plan. (**rubs hands in glee...)

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