Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have to hurry up and work on Marks of Repentance before I catch hubby's cold. I already have the raspy throat. Sheesh. Sometimes I wish he'd share a little less.

I'm finally able to think around the foggy head and the current draft is at 78K. I was a bit curious what the word count is like compared to the previous version, but it requires a bit of math because of the way I'm doing the revision. Anyway, math completed...and so far I've added about 3K to the novel. Which is good. I'm aiming for close to 100K for the final, and the previous draft was about 94. I know a bit more will get added in as I get to the closing chapters.

The parts I worked on today start off the grand slide to the end, where the remaining chaos becomes inevitable. So it's all fun again. I think. I just have to keep with it. And remember the additional mess I need to make for the characters there at the end.

Look! If you shade your eyes and look off into the distance, you can just about make out *the end* from here.



Maripat said...

Woo Hooo! You're on a roll now! Congrats!

Karenee said...

{{{hugs}}} May your sniffles evaporate into thin air... or, well, leave anyway.

Love you.