Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sushi for One? by Camy Tang

Okay, now that things are sort of under control on the Forward Motion stuff (the site has been successfully moved but you may not be able to access it for a day or two--I know I can't yet), I can focus on other things that need doing this week.


How did it get to be Thursday?

So I'm about half done reading Sushi for One? in the bits of spare time I've had this week. Camy Tang takes the reader on a wild romp with an Asian American heroine with a meddlesome grandmother. Extremely meddlesome! With Lex Sakai's cousin's wedding on the horizon, Lex becomes the oldest unmarried grandchild--and on her grandmother's radar.

Lex is a sports crazy (volleyball, specifically) engineer who, in this segment, has just gotten what may be her dream job. Here she is meeting the guys (page 137):
They entered a large area crammed with cubicles. Lots of male voices. It reminded her of those movies about Wall Street traders, except apparently not all of them were on the phone.

"Lex, this is Dan and Jordan." A Caucasian and an African American man cut off their conversation when they saw her. Speculative gazes pinned her to the floor.

An iron rod slammed down Lex's spine. She returned a gimlet stare.

"Welcome to the team." Dan's voice had a menacing thread.

"Lots of work." Jordan's hard eyes flickered over her masculine work suit. A thin hand scratched the scruff on his narrow chin.

Lex crossed her arms. "I'm used to hard work." Watch out, bucko, I'll arm-wrestle you under the table, too.

He flexed a scrawny bicep.

She cracked her knuckles.

Grey interrupted the testosterone-estrogen duel. "This way's your office."

I get an office? Luckily, Lex's teeth still ground together from her circling with Jordan, so she didn't blurt it out and advertise her ignorance. These boys reminded her of her male cousins. She had rolled with enough punches and knew how to hit their soft spots.

This segment is representative of Tang's writing style. If you liked it, check out her novel! Want more info on the author? Novel Journey has a two part interview up.


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Thanks for posting about my book!

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