Friday, November 16, 2007

Sebastian has friends!

I've recommended Holly Lisle's writing clinics a time or two I think. I've loaded them onto my Palm and have been reading through them a bit at a time in the evenings (I get to spend half an hour a day flat on my back on the floor, and the Palm is easy to hold and read from in that position, easier than a book!) I've read the Character Clinic twice in the past couple months, planning to use it to *build* Sebastian.

Sebastian doesn't want to be built that way. Bits of the clinic are stuck in the back of my head and will no doubt be useful, or the whole thing might be useful on a different character, but not Sebastian.

Mind you, he didn't really want to talk today anyway. Maybe he's in a huff because I've been putting him off? However, I learned some very interesting things today about the two people who will join him on his adventure, Curtis and Evelyn. Evelyn's life has been so lousy I'm almost guilt-ridden as I figure out how to make it worse. Does it count that I expect an HEA ending? (happily ever after)

I'm sure you're wondering if this means that Marks is done. Well, define done! I'm still doing read-through, I'm about a third done that. I know I'll have to tidy up stuff in the last chapter for sure as that is rough draft. But I got the proposal off a couple days ago and so the pressure is lowered just a little. I know there have been times in this past year that this process has been beyond tedious, but as I'm reading through, I still love the story. I've worked on it on and off for three years now--including most of 2007--so that's saying something. I hope I like some of my other stories as well when I'm that immersed. Need to get there to find out.


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