Friday, April 10, 2009

New Blog and Website Relaunch!

If you come here via RSS feed or other direct link, you'll need to revise the link on your blog or site. In My Little World has moved to...well, to MY little world. Please visit my relaunched website and new blog at ValerieComer.Com, poke around, and let me know what you think.

I plan to leave the archives here, so this link will remain on top.

I'd like to thank my daughter and webmaster Hanna Sandvig for all the work she's put into the new website (as well as the one it replaces). Hanna is an artist, illustrator, and geek who would love to design a site for you as well.

Thanks for hanging out with me here on Blogger and I hope you'll enjoy the new site with me. See you over there!


Karenee said...

By the way, I'm pretty sure you can forward all your posts from here to there.

Uh... Now I need to put a new RSS into my blog-reader. *considers* Eh, I'll do it now, and purge a couple of things I no longer care to read at the same time. Nothing like multitasking.

Is there a link on your site to just subscribe to the RSS? *goes to check* (if there isn't, I'm sure Hanna can figure it out)

Katie Hart - Pinterest Manager said...

Wow - love the new site! Very fantasy-ish and whimsical.

I'm about to do the same thing - transfer my blog to a newly designed website. I've gotten a preview of the rough draft, and can't wait till it's finished! Any tips about the transfer process would be greatly appreciated!